Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Caroline Kennedy has "Magic Capital"

So much good stuff today, I guess the press has woken up from their holiday hangover. If we are lucky they might wake up from their Obama hangover soon as well.

For now Maureen Dowd, is drinking the kool-aid.

I know about “you knows.” I use that verbal crutch myself, a bad habit that develops from shyness and reticence about public speaking.

I guess giving someone a little time get established on the national scene wasn't acceptable when the last name was Palin.

I always thought that Caroline and her brother, John, had special magic capital in America because of their heartbreaking roles in the Kennedy House of Atreus.

Anyone who states that liberalism isn't a humanistic religion, you should point them right here. Let them read about Carloline, John and their dynastic special magic capital.

So I found it bizarre that when Caroline offered to use her magic capital — and friendship with Barack Obama — to help take care of New York in this time of economic distress, she was blasted by a howl of “How dare she?”

Yes, apparently some people weren't sold on the whole "princess with magic capital" argument.

Anyhow, it isn’t how you say it. It’s what you say.

Really, because I'm pretty sure you guys have gotten off on parsing the intention of every word and action undertaken by Republicans. "Barack the Magic Negro" for example is proof of Republican racism whereas not seating Burrows is proof of... well Republican racism as well since they won't agree to not participate in a special election so the heat can be taken off a corrupt Democratic governor.

Perhaps that makes more sense if you drink some magical kool-aid.

Two Udalls were being sworn in, under the watchful eye of Stewart Udall. Mark Begich, the new senator from Alaska, is the son of a former Alaska congressman. The classy Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, son of the late Gov. Robert Casey, was there in a festive pink tie. John McCain, whose wife’s money and Arizona pull made his Senate election possible, looked on with a smile. Hillary, whose husband paved the way for her to join this club and run for president, chatted with colleagues. Jay Rockefeller wandered about, as did Chris Dodd, son of Senator Thomas Dodd. And Teddy Kennedy, walking with a cane, worked the room with his old brio.

I like how you found some way to work one Republican in there among all the Democratic dynasties. Of course all the Democrats actually held office before and McCain didn't but we need to fit one of those darn Republicans in there lest we be accused of only believing in the magic capital and kool-aid.