Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Ann Coulter Drinking Game!

Ann Coulter has apparently been unbanned from NBC and will be allowed on to promote her new book. As you can see from the video above, most of her appearances haven't exactly been friendly. Most studies that look into the tone of political coverage note that Democrats receive overwhelmingly positive coverage and Republicans the opposite of that of course. Most people I speak to of liberal persuasion try to off-set this claim by noting that studies show more conservatives invited onto shows like Meet the Press or This Week. The first reply is that those shows are not news but analysis and secondly, much like this interview, the person is invited on to be attacked and ridiculed, not to share their position and be given a platform.

So in honor of Ann getting another shot at the Today show, I propose a drinking game. Anytime you hear the host ask if the conservative actually believes what they are saying or if they want to be taken seriously you should take a shot.

You'll be drunk two minutes in on most interviews.