Thursday, November 6, 2008

No, CNN Isn't Biased...

Coming on the heels of victory for Obama, CNN's own online video selections contain not one video, not two, to be frank I lost count at twelve - video's with misleading headlines, such as "Michael Crichton Dies" or "Heroes in Question"... So, these videos should be about Michael Crichton and Heroes, right? Or at lease dominate the video piece? Nope... Unbelievable. The video's mislead the viewer into something interesting, and force you to drink more Liberal Kool-aid to get a tiny morsel of that which you came for.

They gave Crichton only 1:06 for a 3:10 piece titled "Michael Crichton Dies"... The beginning of all-out liberal flag waving for 4-8 years.

I guess you could say "be ready to get only a 1/3 of what you're owed".