Sunday, November 9, 2008


Clearly with Obama as only president-elect, nothing has truly changed with regard to policy or budget. Even when he comes into office it will still take quite some time for whatever is acted on to come to fruition.

Yet, in article after article we are already told that those things won't matter because Obama will inspire the change with his mere election. This morning on Meet the Press I heard that people are already telling themselves to stop selling drugs on street corners and to finally start helping their children with school homework. All this is based on nothing more than inspiration.

You'll have to pardon me if I chuckle a bit. I wish I had a insanely huge DVR so I can play the world's biggest game of "I told you so."

Utopia is here. Obama ran on it and now will deliver it with his mere election. The Bloggers of Iran are safe, your car is full of gas, your mortgage is "affordable", your job is safe, nothing is to big to fail because everything is a vital national interest and it is of course a national interest even though Obama is a citizen of, leads and inspires the entire globe.

Maybe not. Maybe when Meet the Press has the editor of Newsweek on for an Obama-lovefest/Roundtable and asks him his views, but not why his poll was the most inaccurate of the entire cycle we can see that what is being pushed yet again is propaganda and not news.

Prepare yourself accordingly.