Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Associated Propaganda Poll: We don't want people to keep promises

AP Poll

This is a prime example of the media trying to push their viewpoint and manufacture consensus rather than reporting the news. Obama before the election was running web ads and the first page of his website was devoted to you seeing how much money you would "save" under an Obama administration because of his tax plan.

Now of course comes the huge, extravagant swearing in, and then we will have the lip biting State of the Union Address where we will be told HOPE™ and CHANGE™ involves us not asking what Obama can do for us, but what we can do for Obama. The thing that we will be doing of course is paying more taxes. It will be fine though. AP will have already had several months worth of polling for the talking heads to spin. The support for tax cuts was "soft" anyway and wasn't the "primary" reason Obama was elected. The fact that it is a huge lie and a broken promise, we could investigate that, but we hear that Trig Palin still has a sock at her house that was paid for by RNC money and we need to send several teams out to investigate that instead.