Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Apparently, I'm a BIZARRO Californian.

Everything I voted for yesterday did pretty much the opposite of what I wanted it to do. So in California our chickens will have plenty of room on their high speed rail systems but homosexual couples still won't be able to get married.

So yes, that means I voted no on 1a, 2, and 8.

I voted for McCain/Palin and they lost but really, I'm not too sad about that. Democratic plans of governing have amounted to criticism and utopianism. If they think independents will somehow now buy the nonsense that nothing can change now that CHANGE has been elected as president, they will be in for a rude awakening two years from now.

However now is also when the real fun begins. I haven't gotten to watch the last couple of seasons but I used to be a very big fan of the show Survivor. One of my favorite episodes would be right after the merge. Inevitably one tribe would have a pretty large lead over the other and it would appear as if the next several weeks of shows would already be a settled affair with one tribe voting off the other.

This of course wouldn't be very good for ratings so the producers clearly crafted challenges where the fate of the outcome is not in the hands of the individual. Instead the group determines the individual winner. These "pecking order" challenges reveal the hierchy within the tribe and when several parties wake up and discover they are not where they imagined in the pecking order, the fun begins.

In California we want a high speed rail, just don't power it with alternative energy sources. We want our chickens to have room but we can tell our homosexuals like Obama did that we don't endorse homosexual marriage but still claim that we would vote no on 8. I did vote no on 8 but it is clear that a large percentage of Obama supporters did not. Thus the pecking order begins to show the truth to the tribe.

Some of the truths, paygo is a lie and we will soon be pinning for the "small" $250 billion dollar a year deficits we had under Bush. How sad will that be?