Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Media Malpractice

The mainstream media has long been accused of bias towards the left. With the exception of Fox News, the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal, the MSM has had this bias for some time. We know its leaders: NBC and MSNBC, CNN, CBS and to a lesser extent ABC. In print, we have the NYT, The Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the LAT, USA Today, Time and Newsweek. All have been accused of bias in the past. At the least, we can agree that they are liberal outlets, even if some have tried to have their news coverage be fair. Sure, we’ve had egregious examples of bias before, such as Dan Rather clinging to the Bush National Guard story despite the memo in question being a proven forgery. But I have bad news…it’s gotten much, much worse.

Today, it's become clear that we've gone beyond what conservatives have decried as "media bias." We've entered a era where it's not just points of view that come through in news coverage. It's not just liberal editorial boards and the failure to label liberal ideas and points of view as such. No, it's more than that. I submit that we've entered an era where the MSM actively campaigns for one party's candidate and tries to harm the other through manipulation of the news. We're now seemingly living in a time where certain news divisions have made a deliberate and conscious choice to embrace the hard left. In their wake, they've ignored critical stories for their chosen candidate and focused intently on anything that even appears detrimental to their political opponents. We've past the era of bias and entered the era of full blown Media Malpractice.

A prime example is the coverage of the Presidential campaign. Specifically? The MSM ignored the Jeremiah Wright story for a full year. Mr. Obama has not had to answer almost any question about his background as a "community organizer" or his association with the terrorist radical William Ayers, with whom he maintained a long relationship. Mr. Obama has not had to explain or apologize for his statement about American troops "air raiding villages and killing innocent civilians" in Afghanistan. Any attempt to ask him such questions is met with fierce resistance. "You're trying make an issue of my associations! That's old school politics! Swiftboater!" are all cries that are heard from the Obama camp. Aided by the MSM, Obama has seen to it that we can't even talk about who he IS. Does he believe that more social spending is a good thing? We'll never know. Would he attack Iran if he thought they had a nuclear weapon about to come online? We'll never know. What did he mean when he said that Iran and Syria and North Korea were "tiny countries compared to the Soviet Union" and "don't represent a real threat." He won't answer, but they won't ask.

Just when I thought the bias couldn't get worse, it did. It happened last week with the financial meltdown on Wall Street. As the media focused on McCain's actions, they began to get word of who exactly was responsible for the meltdown in the first place, and who was trying to fix it. Hint: They are one in the same.

That's right. The media is now committing the ultimate injustice against the American people. It's not just malpractice, it's practically treason: They are ignoring that tangled in the roots of the financial meltdown are Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and....Barack Obama.

As we all know, Barack Obama worked as a “community organizer.” But what does that mean? The man worked with ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. One of ACORN's main focuses is lobbying Congress to pass legislation making housing "more affordable." ACORN, together with the Clinton Administration and Barney Frank (who claimed in 2005 that there was no crisis at Fannie and Freddie), Maxine Waters and others (including several Republicans), helped push through the Community Reinvestment Act, which relaxed lending standards. They even went to court to force lenders to relax standards for lower income and minority Americans. They, together with Republicans who let it happen, helped lay the groundwork for this disaster. And now these people are the ones crafting the "bailout," assailing the GOP and Wall Street all the way for greediness, the failure of the free market, and of course..."deregulation." Wow. These are the same exact people that helped cause the problem. And now they want $700 billion dollars of our money.

And where is the media? They're busy claiming that the failure of the bailout was "both parties fault" or even just the GOP's fault alone. They've ignored the fact that Barack Obama is associated with Franklin Raines, former Fannie Mae chairman, and Jim Johnson, former Freddie Mac chairman. Both advised Mr. Obama, at least until recently. The MSM is ignoring that Obama is the second largest recipient of funds from Fannie and Freddie in the U.S. Senate, despite him only being a Senator for three years.

They have utterly ignored all of this. We thought it was just liberal bias and MSNBC being "in the tank" for Obama. But it's much worse. They are committing malpractice against the citizens of this country. They know the truth and are ignoring it to get their candidate elected. We've entered a scary, new world. God only knows what they’ll do next.