Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Even Dan Rather Gets the Bias Thing


JOE BIDEN: The whole world is waiting, folks. The whole world is waiting. I know almost every one of those major leaders by their first name, not because I'm important, because they were young parliamentarians when I was coming up and we've been hanging around a long time. I'll tell you what, mark my words, within the next, first six months of this administration if we win, you're gonna face a major international challenge, because they are going to want to test him just like they did young John Kennedy. They're going to want to test him, and they are going to find out this guy has got steel in his spine.

The media stampede to investigate why the V.P. candidate of a major party would dare say such a think about the top of the ticket. I have no doubt if this were Palin they would also be diagramming that statement for fun and using it to claim she can't speak and is an idiot.

Mr. Biden, what do you mean by "test?"

Oh wait, I forget this is the American Liberal Media and so that means the only thing reported on this is the sound of chirping crickets. I know that Joe the Plumber has a $1200 tax lien but of course I won't even see reported or followed up what Mr. Biden means by "test."

Even Dan Rather gets it.

RATHER: But let me point out that what happens on the internet may be as important or more important than what's happening in the newspapers. And I'll be surprised, and you know, Joe, I'm frequently surprised, but I'll be surprised if this doesn't have a run on the internet, with among the points two that you raised. Number one, if Sarah Palin had said this, the newspapers would have jumped all over it and so would have the major television outlets. And number two, they can't be happy inside the Obama campaign about this, and let me emphasize I've not spoken with them this morning.

This is akin to the N.Y. Time or CNN just finally giving up the who pretense of reporting news instead of generating propaganda. When a propaganda master notes that it is so transparently biased that even he will gladly admit it, then we see that news is not being reported, but distorted.