Friday, September 5, 2008

Report the news and profit. Advocate a view and suffer losses.

US Magazine isn't any sort of major news organization. The most biased versions of those are already bleeding tons of red ink. Heck the NY Times has laid off so many and had such huge losses they probably are personally responsible for the rising unemployment rate.

The difference here is that US magazine is soft news and mostly entertainment and since it took a partisan side, it is now suffering losses for advocating rather than reporting. People see bias and respond to it. Bias is an expensive business proposition and that is why almost all businesses, those who won't let their bottom line be driven by ideology, treat everyone equally well. There are reports that Oprah won't put on Sarah Palin because she is so in the tank for "The One™". Ellen will put her on and grab the ratings from it even though it is claimed conservatives would be too intolerant to watch her because of her sexuality. The ratings are the proof of such claims and they say conservatives will watch and are tolerant. US Magazine and Oprah are the intolerant ones and their bottom lines will reflect that.