Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is why Obama cannot be used to refute Corsi about Obama

The Story of Obama, Written by Obama

Mr. Obama and his campaign have produced a 41 page rebuttal to the Corsi book. Many of the citations to refute Corsi with regard to Obama come from the books Obama himself has written about his life.

The problem, it turns out Obama has taken great literary liberty with the facts of his own life.

His memoir is, as one publisher put it, “the single most vetted book in American politics right now.” Written at a time when Mr. Obama says he was thinking less about a career in politics than about simply writing a good book, it leaves an impression of candidness and authenticity that gives it much of its power. Reporters have questioned Mr. Obama’s use of fictional techniques like composite characters, but some editors and critics say that is common in memoirs.

“The book is so literary,” said Arnold Rampersad, a professor of English at Stanford University who teaches autobiography and is the author of a recent biography of Ralph Ellison. “It is so full of clever tricks — inventions for literary effect — that I was taken aback, even astonished. But make no mistake, these are simply the tricks that art trades in, and out of these tricks is supposed to come our realization of truth.”

A bit more....

In the introduction, Mr. Obama acknowledged his use of pseudonyms, composite characters, approximated dialogue and events out of chronological order. He was writing at a time well before a recent series of publishing scandals involving fabrication in memoirs. “He was trying to be careful of people’s feelings,” said Deborah Baker, the editor on the first paperback edition of the book. “The fact is, it all had a sort of larger truth going on that you couldn’t make up.”

Finally there is this last bit and it shows why the Corsi book is a game changer even if it ends up being inaccurate on certain matters.

Reporters paw through them for insights into Mr. Obama the candidate, supplied by Mr. Obama the author.

The reporters for that oh so wonderfully biased left-wing media that donates to Democrats at a 100 to 1 ratio will now feel compelled to do some investigating of their own. At a minimum perhaps they will begin to investigate some information on Obama that doesn't come from Obama himself.