Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nancy Pelosi’s “Lights Out” Energy Policy

Here is a fundamental example of how the “bipartisan” and “most ethical House” is run under our glorious Madame Speaker. It’s simple... when you know you don’t have the votes to subvert the will of the American people, you take your liberal t-ball set, and you go home. Nancy knows that she loses this vote if the People get their say, so she packs up shop, hoping for fairer liberal sailing in January.

Yesterday our Democratic lawmakers in the US House decided they were due for a break. With abysmal approval numbers and a “pro-US energy” bill looming, Nancy Pelosi decided it was just time to go. She shut off the lights. She shut off CSPAN. She shut off the mics. Where in the world could there be a more perfect symbol of Democrat energy policy than this “shutting off the lights?” The double entendres alone are worth millions in available political capital. Time to capitalise, friends. It’s days like this I wish I had 15 people with film and graphic design degrees on staff.

This screams for a commercial. People paying at the gas station. The elderly couple looking over their home heating oil bill. Pictures of the “little people” that the liberals claim to care about ad nauseam. Mix in there sound bites from Nancy and her DNC friends about how much they care for these “little people being hurt.” And then we need a picture of a woman in a suit putting up the “out to lunch” sign on her office door and turning out the lights... as the faces of these “little people” fade out in series. To me this could not be better served up to us by the Speaker if it were directly downloaded from the brain of Karl Rove.

The Pelosi “Shutting off the lights” series of ads would rock the DNC to its core.

Another angle on this would be another part of the figurative meaning... the Democrats saying “lights out” to clean coil, oil shale, nuclear power, refineries, offshore drilling, ANWR, et al. We need to start pointing out that there IS NO “good” energy for the Democrats, or at least one they do like that is presently viable. Coal?: too dirty, and (!) carbon. Oil?: too dirty, and (!!!) carbon. Nuclear?: The China Syndrome. We end that commercial with the tag line “Lights out in the US Congress means lights out on the US economy” or maybe a series of factories going dark from lack of energy, in series with the floor of the US House dimmed or darkened. Go right at those “bitter clingers” in the rust belt with the message of what a lack of energy does. “Let’s turn out lights in Democrat congressional offices across the nation.”

Yet another part of this campaign would be to lampoon Obama’s asinine comments on inflating our tires and getting tune ups as the answer. “Turning out the lights, Madame Speaker, may save you some electricity in DC and face back home in San Francisco, but the American people cannot afford it. We cannot conserve our way out of this as a standalone solution. Turning out the lights on the floor of the US House, inflating our tires, and getting a tune up are not going to cut it. The American people are living right on top of the solution... the very energy beneath our feet. Hear our voices... give us an up or down vote on energy independence...”

The “Lights Out” Democratic party and Pelosi need to feel the heat from this. And this is heat we can generate ourselves, Madame Speaker.