Sunday, August 3, 2008

McCain is Taking the High Road and it isn't Racist.

Rasmussen Reports

Not surprisingly, the McCain ad generates significantly different perceptions along racial and ethnic lines. Most African-American voters—58%--saw the McCain ad as racist. Just 18% of white voters and 14% of all other voters shared that view. To watch the ad, click HERE.

As for Obama’s comment, 53% of white voters saw it as racist, as did 44% of African-Americans and 61% of all other voters.

Something I have to ask about some of these figures is does anyone remember what racist is anymore? It seems we have defined the bar for racism down to a mere difference in perception of offense among different groups.

This is almost as bad as those reports out of the UK whereby toddlers were being labeled racist if they didn't respond favorably to ethnic food selections.

The John McCain Celebrity Ad shows Obama amidst two celebrities who appear to have questionable talent and have proven to be more famous for being famous than anything else.

How does linking Obama to vapid empty white female celebrities somehow make one racist?

It doesn't according to the majorities within those polls but my point is to remind whomever thinks it is, that racism has a definition. It means intentionally discriminating or showing preference for one because of skin color and also believing yourself superior because of that skin color.

Instead it appears racism is increasingly being defined in authoritarian terms whereby those who are considered to rule their race can dictate and negotiate terms with other races and thus give them guilt-free indulgences on being a racist. This is the modus operandi for the the environmental cause as well.

So if you hire, associate with, give proper respect to, and of course dollars to race brokered legitimized causes, you are safe from being a racist. If you don't then it really does not matter how obscure, insane or impossibly unrelated the degrees of reference, you can be labeled as a racist.

So Jesse Jackson, who fathered a love child and paid of the mother, called New York Hymietown and also wanted Obama's.... well let us just say he desired a little retribution for Obama not addressing his causes well, can never be a racist. His associations, organizations, accusations, etc all are based on race but he is never a racist. He is also never considered to have taken the low road despite all these actions occurring. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright never took the low road when questioning the motivations of whites, only when he questioned the motivations of Obama.

Meanwhile the McCain campaign keeps putting up ads in which Obama is not only seen in a flattering light, but the light is considered too flattering. The people chant his name, the cameras flash, the best possible pose and picture of Obama is put forward.

Pointing out the best traits is not a negative trait. The pictures they put forward are those Obama puts forward. The positions are his and the words are quoted from him. This isn't a surrogate pulling him down or someone intentionally misstating his position. When Obama runs as a personal change agent, not as a provider of a plan, and you use his personal image and statements against him, that is not racist. It is also not taking "the low road."

It is not the low road to show someone in a flattering light while simply asking questions about their own words and positions. This is all John McCain has done and it is stirring up trouble because the utopian socialists on the left do not allow dogma to be questioned. It is heresy and the low road by their reasoning. If you question how a person is not a plan, how checking our tire pressure will not solve our energy problems, and how our safety is not kept by tearing down invisible walls, that is the high road.

Keep taking the high road John McCain. Do not let the looters on the left condemn you with a moral code they do not hold for themselves. Do not let them prosecute you with feelings with no basis in reality. Hold their feet to the fire. Run an ad where the lights are shown going out not just on the House of Congress, but on our American future as well. Flashbulbs and change platitudes will not give us a future. Knocking Obama out of his elitist tower (we can't say ivory lest we be accused of racially subconscious thoughts) and force him to get into the nuts and bolts of his governance. You propose drilling, clean coal and nuclear power, he proposes checking his profile and checking our tire air pressure. Noting this is the high road and you need to stick to it.

McCain may be a bit a late convert to the taxation cause and still may not embrace it as well as others may like. I ask those of you reading this the following question, if sin taxes discourage the particular behavior they are levied on, smoking, drinking, junk food, etc. then how do taxes on income, investment, and dividends not discourage those actions?

Obama's "high road" involves cutting us imaginary checks from the "windfall profits" of oil companies. These are the same companies that are now supposed to go and somehow find even more oil even though there is no profit in those actions. If you double the tax on cigarette smoking you hope fewer people will smoke cigarettes and at confiscatory levels this does happen. Do the same on oil and gas production and it isn't the low road to wonder why no one will desire to engage in that action. The government already takes three cents for ever cent of profit the gas companies make. Questioning this is not the low road but the high road.

The fact that one campaign believes it can ignore these facts because it has a transcendent messianic change agent who they believe will nullify all the concerns with his dazzling persona and you point this out is also not the low road. We do have religions where the lion is claimed to lay with the lamb. If you want to believe or question those religions it is not considered the low road to have that discussion. Likewise when one side of the political spectrum has taken certain people and certain perspectives and given them religious language and beliefs, questioning that is not heresy or the low road. It is what every intelligent, enlightened person ought to do.