Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Another Typical Politician - Part 3, Celebrity Obama


Barack Obama has a serious problem coming up in the fall election schedule. People are going to ask him to define what HOPE™ and CHANGE™ mean and so far when he has done this, it drops him lower in the polls and always comes off sounding like a gaffe.

The reality is that it isnt a gaffe, this nonsense, the style without substance is what he happens to believe folks. He will fly around in Barack One while chastizing you to ensure your tires are properly filled to solve our energy crisis.

There are a number of pretensions that Mr. Obama has adopted while no longer advocating any real change. He was going to be a candidate who took public funds but now would rather try to buy your vote. Union money was "special interest" money until it began to flow to him. Townhalls and debates were great things and he pondered a series of them with John McCain and engaged in a series of them with Hillary Clinton, but a funny thing happened along the way, he came out worse for wear each time went up against Hillary and so now he is ducking McCain.

You know McCain, too old to think, to scarred from war injuries and age to be photogenic, easy to anger and set off in a tantrum or fight, John McCain is someone the left claims will be easy to knock down, yet they duck the opportunities.

If you are a Republican thinking in terms of images, could you imagine anything worse than 6'1" Barack Obama standing next to 5'7" John McCain and having one look all young and handsome, and the other look every one of his 71 years old. Mr. Charisma versus Mr. Melanoma makes a terrible one-sided picture so why would John McCain want to order up ten or more sessions of this painful picture?

It is because although John McCain is old and even though he may not use the internet much, he has heard of these moving pictures with sound we call television and he knows that when Obama does not control the imagery, he comes off very badly. The number of uh's rolls out faster than the rise in price of gas.

You can also watch him have to come down off his pedastal and become a regular politician

When Obama becomes just a regular politician, just a typical politician, he loses. He is supposed to be a trascendent change agent who is above the process. By forcing him into the process you de-deify him. This is important because his statements, his campaign platform, and his actions all suggest that he does not run a campaign on a plan, but on a person. Obama does not have a better plan than the next guy, he claims to be a better person than the next guy.

The reason the celebrity ad has struck so hard is because all of us as consumers of entertainment have seen what train wrecks these celebrities are when they don't have lines written for them, handlers to make sure they promote the right film or are left to their own devices. The problem isn't that they are terrible people, rather that instead of someone you want to watch they come off very... ordinary and that is very bad for the celebrity business.

Obama comes off very badly when he comes off as ordinary and this is why he refuses to engage in a discussion of ideas and plans. I'm sure if he had his way he would duck even the three presidential debates. He wants nothing that removes him from loud applauding crowds (who showed up for the spectacle and free rock concerts as well.) He wants to deliver his lines, amidst a sea of Obama signs and backers and then move on to governing.

So I say do whatever it takes along this celebrity theme to knock him off his pedestal. Maybe send along some faux paparazzi to his campaign sites. Maybe craft several videos of awards shows where Obama wins all the Academy Awards for negative political catagories. Hit until he comes down and engages in more than selling a man, and instead has to talk about his plan.

He won't do that because that is what will make him lose.