Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Biden - Subprime Vice President PDF

I guess this is one way to counter the "elitism" tag.

I'm not claiming that anyone running for executive office needs to be wealthy but shouldn't they and those who will assist and influence them at least know how to balance their own books before they claim they want to handle those of the country?

It turns out that Joseph Biden is the poorest member of the Senate, is 65 years old and likely has a huge negative net-worth. His net-worth is listed as From $-302,980 to $277,997 by He keeps dozens of lines of credit, a new one opened every couple of years and together they add up to huge sums for a guy who has had a better paying job than most for basically his entire adult life.

Biden became a senator at age 30 (5th youngest ever) and has never had to suffer a downsizing, lay-off or threat of his job moving overseas yet he can't save a dime. I don't know if I would rent the guy a house, so why would I want him for Vice-President. It also shows terrible judgment by the man who did select him, Barack Obama.