Monday, August 4, 2008

Get Ready for the Freak Show!


McCain has whittled down the Obama to 2.3 points which is basically nothing in a year where Democrats have everything going for them. McCain hasn't even run an effective campaign yet but Obama just can't stop shooting himself in the foot.

Well get ready for the craziness and if you know some lefties it is already starting. They have been dreaming of a Democratic president for eight years and on top of it, while they may have liked Kerry, they absolutely adore Obama. He is their intellectual leader. He is the once in a generation change agent who can do-no-wrong and will lead them to the promised land.

Only so far, it appears he isn't doing this. In fact so far, it appears that he is having to spend more to get a vote per capita than almost any candidate in history. He is below where Democrats are polling generically. He is vunerable in several swing states. Each time a poll is run the numbers come closer together. By liberal reasoning, what is happening right now is supposed to be completely impossible.

So when the impossible begins happening, grab a life jacket because these folks will come completely off their rocker. They are going to completely lose it and become the deranged, cursing, screaming, bitterly insane folks underneath who are now facing up to their fears like a caged animal.

Worse still, they own bias created the cage. It will be fun to watch.