Thursday, July 10, 2008

New and Improved Obama! Now with 15% more HOPE™ and CHANGE™

Bob Herbert's column really seems to have touched off the left blogosphere into a full blown firestorm.

He begins to crucify Obama with his own words....

“The time has come for a president who will be honest about the choices and the challenges we face,” said Senator Obama, “who will listen to you and learn from you, even when we disagree, who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know.”

The reason for the quotation is because in the last ten days or so, on a broad array of policy matters, and with a philosophical foundation that no one can seem to figure out Obama has begun switching up his positions. On top of it when you attempt to knock him on the switches, he simply contends that you didn't hear him right previously or you misunderstood him.

Isn't this the political equivalent of blaming the victim for the crime?

The Herbert piece hit hard and a few follow up pieces have followed up on it and also won't let Obama slip away so easily.

New and Improved

The old Obama pledged to take public financing in the general election. The new one will spend what it takes. The old Obama pledged to filibuster a bill giving legal immunity to telecoms companies that co-operated with the government on terrorist surveillance. The new one supports the bill. The old Obama failed to wear a flag pin. The new Obama talks about patriotism in a sea of American flags, praises General David Petraeus, the chief commander in Iraq, raises doubts about partial-birth abortion, agrees with the Supreme Court on gun rights, supports the death penalty for child-rapists and embraces faith-based social work.

Liberal Shiver

The challenge of Obama is figuring out what he would do if elected. You know what you like and dislike about John McCain. But it's really hard to connect the dots on this guy. His short time in the Senate has produced few fixed positions, and the dots he's left during the campaign are all over the place.

All the pieces note that most won't get upset with Obama over his position changes because they have moved to a position that has majority support and where the public consensus is likely to rest. The problem of course is that the man has little to no record, and now his spoken record doesn't comfort when it shows shifting positions. Dick Morris notes correctly that Obama will govern from the left.

Obama will not be able to help himself. The Democratic majority in Congress won’t settle for triangulation. They will make the Obama of November into a liar and the Obama of the primaries into an honest man.

So do not just consider the man alone. Especially since it is clear his mouth will say whatever is necessary to get elected. Also consider his coattails and what the two likely Democratic houses in Congress will ask him to sign.