Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Messiahs don't have a punchline.

NY Times

But there has been little humor about Mr. Obama: about his age, his speaking ability, his intelligence, his family, his physique. And within a late-night landscape dominated by white hosts, white writers, and overwhelmingly white audiences, there has been almost none about his race.

“We’re doing jokes about people in his orbit, not really about him,” said Mike Sweeney, the head writer for Mr. O’Brien on “Late Night.” The jokes will come, representatives of the late-night shows said, when Mr. Obama does or says something that defines him — in comedy terms.

“We’re carrion birds,” said Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show” on the Comedy Central channel. “We’re sitting up there saying ‘Does he seem weak? Is he dehydrated yet? Let’s attack.’ ”

But so far, no true punch lines have landed.

Why? The reason cited by most of those involved in the shows is that a fundamental factor is so far missing in Mr. Obama: There is no comedic “take” on him, nothing easy to turn to for an easy laugh, like allegations of Bill Clinton’s womanizing, or President Bush’s goofy bumbling or Al Gore’s robotic persona.

“The thing is, he’s not buffoonish in any way,” said Mike Barry, who started writing political jokes for Johnny Carson’s monologues in the waning days of the Johnson administration and has lambasted every presidential candidate since, most recently for Mr. Letterman. “He’s not a comical figure,” Mr. Barry said.

There is plenty funny about Barack Obama if you don't happen to worry about being called a racist or happen to think he is the Messiah. I had posted these pictures and captions on a forum I frequent but since the professionals need a little help, I'll post them here as well.

Obama trying to show how he is the toughest presidential candidate describes
how he will pluck out the eyebrow hairs of Osama Bin Laden one by one.

I said give me back my f*cking cigarettes damn it. This is a CHANGE™ I don't want to make right now.

Obama showing he has more CHANGE™ than anyone else.

Obama is pissed when he learns someone else has managed to put more CHANGE™ into their photo backdrop.

I would like to thank this young lady for helping me bypass public financing by signing over her financial aid.

Any supporter who donates $2500 gets an actual fist bump from Obama himself.

Obama heals a sick child with his "once in a generation" messianic powers.

Obama radiating CHANGE™, HOPE™ and charisma out into the entire crowd.

Obama proves he can move a mountain and also single-handedly save the American Midwest from floods.

Obama insures our health care system is more equitable by physically moving machines from one room to another.

Ha B*tches! Throw down more CHANGE™ than this in your photo background. I am the KING!1!1!!

Dude... get it right. It is a fist bump. FIST BUMP!!!!