Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let us call a Utopian a Utopian

One of the things that has really bothered me of late is how conservatives/Republicans think people will jump at the word liberal. Perhaps there was a time when this was true but that time is not now. When dealing with with voters and adults who would rather spend their time watching the Cartoon Network, would rather watch fake news than the real news, and who think slogans like change and hope will somehow pay the bills, put gas into their car or give them the quality of life they believe they deserve, you need to stop sidestepping the matter and call out a political philosophy when you see it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason Congress is in single digits, the reason the adults have left the room, the reason real solutions can't seem to fight back is because we are dealing with Utopian Socialism and should call it such every time we get the opportunity.

Utopian socialists never actually used this name to describe themselves; the term "utopian socialism" was introduced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (in The Communist Manifesto) and used by later socialist thinkers to describe early socialist or quasi-socialist intellectuals who created hypothetical visions of perfect egalitarian and communalist societies without actually concerning themselves with the manner in which these societies could be created or sustained.

You encounter this more and more when dealing with the left. There are no ideals and not even a true discussion. They don't watch "The O'Reilly Factor" and dispute what the host might present. They watch "The Colbert Report" and laugh at a fictional caricature. There is no reading of news articles of watching of a news report, there is only "The Daily Show with John Stewart" which turns real thought into easily digestible thought custard for utopian minds to digest in their infantile environment.

Even now the wheels are coming off the bus for Barack Obama who is increasingly having to explain how when he planted nothing but seeds of utopian thought in the primary how the plants that are growing now must comprehend his need to track to the middle, split the difference, accept a proposal that works for today with a belief that a better solution can be found for tomorrow. Well as the saying goes, you sow what you reap.

Let's help those wheels come off shall we? When people claim you are terrible for not endorsing heaven on earth by means of a vote or decree realize that you are dealing with a dangerous element. You are also dealing with an irrational element because their thoughts are of what they want versus what currently exists and they see you as being an impediment to a reality that only exists in their minds. Utopians by their nature are profoundly authoritarian. Millions have died at the hands of ideas but because there was not a lost war with concentration camps involved with what we call Socialism or more specifically Utopian Socialism, they are still allowed in the realm of thought without being seen as the truly dangerous and extreme element.

As a society, if we saw a rise of eugenic thought, a return of Nazism we would call it dangerous times. We are living in dangerous times because what this election and the last cycle shows is the rising return of Utopian Socialism. Minds are being changed not with proposals, plans or solutions, but with nothing more than pure criticism.

Democrats do not fear a Republican turnaround because everyone in their camp can think they and Republicans are on the wrong track but they won't leave since Republicans are not talking about handing them utopia.

You can't out utopia a utopian and no one ought to try to do that. Instead we must discredit the idea and that is part of what will be going on here.

It is going to be a beautiful ride.