Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Green Jihad

My inaugural post at New Red Majority will concern a color most would consider the opposite of red. Of course, in this case it’s not so much about the color as it is about what it symbolizes: Radical environmentalism.

Over the past few months I have noticed a veritable onslaught of “green” advertising. We have companies touting green cars, green housing (oh, the irony), green power and yes, even green water. We have a “green” cable channel now. It seems every new day brings another story about climate change (formerly “Global Warming”). Barack Obama, John McCain and Hillary Clinton tout a new “green collar jobs” based economy. Yes, green and its interchangeable subordinates (“eco-friendly, sustainable, ecologically sound, environmentally friendly”) now rule the roost in terms of rhetoric. Everyone wants to “go green,” or so it would seem.

Well this American, for one, has already had enough. Why? Because while I favor the gradual move to alternative fuels and support caring for our environment, I know that refusing to drink bottled water and riding my bike to work is not going to save the planet. Me installing remanufactured paper countertops in my house will not save the planet. Me buying carbon credits and avoiding packaged foods is not going to save the planet, nor will refusing to eat meat or borrowing books instead of buying them. But that’s not what the Green Nazis think. Here’s a quote from the website on “greening your kitchen.”

“The eco-friendly kitchen begins with eating green, but it doesn’t end there. Energy-efficient food preparation and cleaning habits, using equipment made from sustainable materials, and dodging toxic chemicals are also important if you want to have a truly healthy kitchen. Fortunately, making the right choices for your well-being is also good for the pocket and the planet…”

Read the site. There’s a way to green everything. And here’s a ridiculous link on how to “go green” from something called the “Worldwatch Institute:”

The environmental movement is nothing new. They’ve been around for 40 years, and have spearheaded issues from the spotted owl frenzy (a fraud) to acid rain to the ozone layer. But they’ve been seen as a fringe…and that’s about to change. “Global warming” (now called “climate change”) is the Environmental Left’s uber-issue. They now have a unifying message for all of their nutty subordinate causes. Aided by their cronies in the liberal mainstream media, the fringe environmentalists are making headway in spreading their propaganda amongst the masses. They’ve declared an environmental holy war and have begun to actually wage it. They shakedown corporations, governments and skewer all who would dare oppose them. Just as Ronald Reagan was labeled a warmonger for standing up to Soviets, those who doubt the veracity of the climate change alarmists’ claims “hate the planet” and/or are motivated by profit. It doesn’t matter that the Earth hasn’t actually been warming appreciably in the last decade, nor that it has been far warmer in its pre-human past, nor that the air in most major US cities is cleaner than it was 30 years ago. To the Environmental Crazies, it’s settled science! The Earth is going to hell via the mankind highway! So we need to change. And now the loons have just the ammunition they need…a “crisis” of global proportions, one that will end life as we know it. That is, of course, unless the greenies end it first.

One might wonder why I care about being inundated in green. In speaking to a climate change alarmist recently, he said to that if we’re right about climate change and we act, we will save the planet. And if we’re wrong, the worst that could happen (so he said) was that we’d all have a cleaner place to live. But he’s wrong. This is about what it’s always about: Money and power. The Green Jihad is going to cost us all one hell of a lot of money and control over our own lives. Think $4 a gallon gas is bad? Get ready for $8. Get ready for carbon taxes, wasteful government programs and as usual…a dose of hypocrisy, both from celebrities like Al Gore (who flies around the globe on an inefficient private jet) and from politicians (no explanation needed). Prepare to have your state governments mandate you use fluorescent light bulbs, your thermostat temperature and how many “carbon credits” you can use per month. Get ready to pay more for nearly every consumer product as companies struggle pass on their exorbitant government-mandated “green” production costs.

I’m really not exaggerating. Consider these headlines:

“California Mandates Global Warming Sticker on New Cars”

“Now, Green Cards for US Colleges”

“New York City Plan Implements Green Technology, Has $2.3B Price Tag”

“Some small companies ask customers to pay green fees”

“State College gets green education, park grants”

“India's Temples Go Green”

“7th-graders 'Go Green' at BU”

“Green beach tips from the National Aquarium”

Yes, green is everywhere. But one has to ask…has anything really changed? Back here in the real world, I see people driving to work everyday. They stop and get coffee in a paper cup. They drink bottled water. They eat meat. They have electric heat. They own a car with a V-6 engine. They live in a home larger than 750 square feet. And you know what? They’re all hardworking, decent Americans. They don’t hate the planet. They will be happy to recycle. They’ll buy more efficient appliances and cars as they’re able to afford them. They’ll naturally avoid unnecessary toxins. But they won’t subscribe to the Left’s new vision of the American Dream…a future in which we give up our cars for bikes, suburban castles for Soviet-style flats, shopping trips at the mall for clothes made of hemp, meat and potatoes for a vegan diet…all so we can “go green” and feel good about ourselves. They won’t accept it, and neither will this American. Instead, I’ll be right there with them, caring for the environment…yes. But I’m still going to live my life. Not only do I refuse to join the jihad, I’ll fight it every step of the way. Buying a 30MPG car? Turning the lights off when I leave the room? No problem. But get your hands off my steak, beer and incandescent light bulbs. You don’t mess with those.