Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gov. Palin Gives us the Energy Smackdown!


We frequently find ourselves at the mercy of those who think that we must be protected from ourselves.

There is no better summary that can be made of why utopians, liberals, leftists, you name it are engaging in what is wrong while claiming what they believe is correct.

A bit more...

Here in Alaska we love our clean air and our clean water and our abundant wildlife. We will protect Alaska. I'm a Republican, and when I got elected, some accused me of being anti-development. I created a new office to just concentrate on oversight of resource development on the North Slope.

We're putting our money where our mouth is. We're budgeting for strict oversight so we can prove to the rest of the U.S. that we will have safe, clean developments and will do this responsibly (and) ethically.

She has an 85% approval rate, I'd make her vice-president in a minute because she understands the core of matter with regard to energy and also with regard to living one's own life. There are trade-offs and choices to be made, for all of us and we reflect that in the market. The irony of the people of Alaska paying so much for gas and oil when they literally are sitting on an ocean of it just shows how dangerous utopian thinking is and again, how far they harm others to enact their vision. For the utopians, there are no choices, just the grand plan and all those that must either bow before or suffer because of it.

Gov. Palin also notes the ludicrousness of doing nothing and how harmful it could be to wait for a dream solution that doesn't exist.

ANWR would take five years to begin providing crude oil to our pipeline. But you have to consider that if we'd started this five years ago, then we wouldn't be in this position right now. And who knows where we're going to be in another five years.

That is the question to ask for this presidential election as well. Someone needs to consider the decisions we need to make today that will bear fruit for the future. Criticisms of the fact that all decisions have trade-offs and none are perfect is not a plan to help people get the energy they need now and in the future.